Covid Plan - Teen Group

This information is for those who are booked to attend our LIVE programs at Marquee.

If you are signed up for a virtually taught program/lesson, you will have a different outline there are no safety issues with your program. Only technical updates.

Marquee’s Board had made a policy to follow YRDSB protocols.

As they are not permitting singing in school, this means Marquee will also not be permitting singing in our classes ON SITE.

What does this mean?

While wearing masks, we can still have our classes live at Marquee to teach acting, blocking and dancing at Marquee. Only singing is the tricky part.

We have a few options/back up plans as to how to handle this

First off, we will sing outside at the back of our property, where we have singing all summer long, under an open-side tent. We have also been recording the vocals back there. It works very well!

We will focus on as much of the vocal instruction as possible at the beginning of our season as the colder and wet weather will all too soon be upon us.

When we hit that time, we will hold vocal instruction through Zoom and in the comfort of your own homes. AGAIN THIS IS ONLY FOR SINGING and only until we are notified that we can return to singing at Marquee. All other components will be taught at Marquee.


The Performance

While it hasn’t happened yet, it is a strong possibility that the theatre may be compromised for the January performance dates. It looks much brighter for YOUR program that are slated to perform in April 2021. We will keep you up to date on this as we receive the info ourselves.

One thing we have learned since last spring and over the summer, is that we do NOT have to cancel a program or performance this time.


Our Plan

Our plan for the fall, is to use a green screen to record in front of as we teach and, to make the footage into a movie of your show. We did this all summer, both at our live camps and our virtual camps and we learned a HUGE amount. Its a neat process and it works beautifully!

Now we have invested in a professional green screen

As your performance is in April, we will do this for you as well as a back up just in case the theatre is forced to close as we get closer to the time of your show. If it doesn’t close and we can actually perform your show, then you will have had a wonderful experience in rehearsal

With these measures in place we are able to fulfill the program and a performance with a souvenir for you to keep.


You can find an outline of our safety protocols on our website at this link:


Please just ask if you have any questions at all.


Marquee Theatrical Productions is a charitable organization

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