Thursday April 14, 2020

As you can imagine, Covid-19 has affected many of us and Marquee is no exception to the rule.

Your safety matters greatly to us and Marquee is learning that necessary social distancing measures will most likely be a continued practice over the next while, where large gatherings are concerned. This affects us in many ways with regards to our fall adult-cast production of Elf the Musical, more-so on the audience side of things.

At this time we are announcing a postponement to November 2021 for Elf the Musical.

In our industry, there are many considerations that have been weighing heavily on us with the emphasis on the safety of our cast/team members and the community attendees.

While we can certainly begin our auditions and, even the rehearsals with an online format to some degree, we cannot be sure at this time as to how the audience numbers will work this November. We have consulted with the theatre and they do not yet have any answers.

We are concerned with the financial requirements necessary to put on a production of this size together, even before the cast members are auditioned, let alone by the time the show hits the stage. Our adult cast shows generally cost us approx. $50,000 to produce.

This is a risk that our charitable organization can’t afford to gamble on without the opportunity to have a full audience experience and ticket sales to offset the financial expense.

With these uncertainties in mind, Marquee is not in a position to outlay the necessary funds to continue with this show for our 2020 fall season.

As we said, we are not cancelling the show, simply postponing it and we can confirm that we have secured the dates at the theatre for November 2021 season.

Regarding our Spring production of The Addams Family, at present, it’s a “go”. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and will update the community on our website and via email should there be any changes that need to be made.

We apologize to those who may feel disappointed about this decision and we ask for your understanding during this sensitive time as we continue to endeavour to keep those we care about, safe.