How does the selection process work?

A judging panel will choose the top 4-6 (depending on number of entries and calibre of performance) from each category (age and discipline). 

When would selected applicants for final round be notified by?

All finalists will be notified by Monday June 6.

How will the finalists be notified?

All applicants be notified by email and if necessary a follow up phone call to ensure that they have been reached.

Do I have to use an instrumental track for my vocal entry?

Yes you do. This instrumental backing track may not include any extra voices on the track (no lead voice or harmony vocals).

Will all entrants be notified of their status?

Yes we will notify all entrants so they can be assured that their entry was not overlooked/missed.

How does the live FINAL competition work?
All chosen finalists will perform live at the Aurora Bandshell located at the Town Park. Backing music will be sent when requested so that we may forward that to our sound engineer. 
Finalists will be judged live by a panel of professional judges and awards will take place at the end of the competition.
How long should my performance be?
Entries in the Vocal and Dance categories are to be 2-4minutes in length and Drama (monologue) are to be between 1 1/2 to 3 minutes in length. Please stay within these boundaries and ensure that your video is recent, no older than from 3 months ago.


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