Improv Classes (Ages 10-Adult)

Anxiety and stress is a huge problem for many kids and adults these days. Some feel pressure to be perfect, looking for validation and success, and may be paralyzed at the idea of taking a creative chance in case it doesn’t pay off. It’s no different in the adult working world when one feels these same pressures when having to, speaking in public or to be required to make a presentation in front of a group.

With improv, you’ll discover a refreshingly different kind of experience.  It’s a setting where “mistakes” are half the fun.  Improvisers laugh at themselves. In this positive environment, failure quickly loses its sting, and that gives the confidence to make bolder and more imaginative choices.  Just as sports like soccer, football and hockey build the body, improv strengthens the imagination and the skillset to think on your feet and develops a person’s emotional resilience.

This online virtual “Intro to Improv” class is for anyone to learn the fundamentals of improvisation.  You will learn:

  • The basic tools, rules, and philosophy of improv through games, drills, and virtual scenes. . . All through your computer screen!
  • The principles of improvisation, tapping into basic rules like yes, and…, eye contact, listening without an agenda and accepting ideas
  • You will gain an understanding that WE is more important than ME
  • Pushing the narrative forward in scene work
  • Help to get “out of your head” and into the characters’ head
  • See & experience why improvisation is not just about comedy and performing, but a way to be with more freedom, confidence, and positivity


Class Times:

Ages 10-16: Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm
Adults: Tuesdays, 7-8pm

Price: $85 (6 weeks)

If you were enrolled in a program for winter 2020 and received a partial credit because of the Covid-19 situation, you may use your credit as payment for this program. Please select “Use My Credit” below. You will still need to check out as usual in order for the order to go through but you will not be charged.

Is there anything else we should know? (Disabilities, allergies, health concerns etc…)

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