AGM 2024 – Tuesday June 18

LOCATIONMarquee studio, 73 Industrial Parkway N, Unit 2B.. 

DINNER at 6pm – Join us for a FREE BBQ prior to the meeting beginning at 6pm held at the BACK of our unit. Please park at the bottom of our parking lot and walk up to the back under the large Marquee tent on the south side of the building. Registration required.

MEETINGThe Annual General Meeting of Members of Marquee Theatrical Productions will begin at 7:00 pm. One lucky winner will take home a $50 Upper Canada Gift Card.  

Please pre-register using the link below so that we may purchase an accurate amount of food for the event.


    1. Land Acknowledgement

    2.Welcome and introductions

    3. Approval of Agenda & 2023 AGM minutes

    4. Goals & Community Involvement

    5. Review of Past Year & Upcoming Year

    6. 2023 Financial Update

    7. Approval of Audit Results

    8. Re-appointment of the incumbent auditor

    9. Presentation and Approval of new By Laws

    10. Awards

    11. Election of Marquee Directors

    12. Other Business

    13. Thank you/Staff Recognition

    Important documents to read prior to our meeting (click the link below)


    Marquee Theatrical Productions is a charitable organization

    Charitable # 876749300 RR0001