Our charitable organization is governed by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers who make up our Board of Directors. But what exactly does our Board of Directors do?


One of the primary responsibilities of our Board is governance. They oversee the organization’s operations, ensuring that we adhere to legal and ethical standards, as well as fulfill our fiduciary duties.

Strategic Direction

Our Board sets the overall strategic direction and mission of our organization. This means that they establish long-term goals and objectives, ensuring that every decision made aligns with our core values and purpose.

Leadership and Support

Our Board provides leadership and support to our staff and volunteers. They offer guidance, mentorship, and expertise, empowering our team to achieve our mission effectively.

Financial Oversight

Our Board members play a crucial role in financial oversight. They review budgets, financial reports, and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently to maximize our impact.

Fundraising and Resource Development

Board members actively participate in fundraising efforts, leveraging their networks and expertise to secure resources vital for our organization’s sustainability and growth.

Community Engagement

Our Board serves as ambassadors for our organization, engaging with the community, building partnerships, and advocating for our cause.

Risk Management

Identifying and managing risks is essential for any organization. Our Board members assess potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring the long-term success and stability of our organization

In summary, our Board of Directors plays a critical role in shaping the direction, governance, and success of our charitable organization. Their commitment and dedication are instrumental in driving positive change and making a difference in the lives of those we serve.


Directors and committee members collaborate closely to shape policy, provide financial stewardship, and guide Marquee’s leadership. Together, they undertake critical responsibilities such as overseeing our organization’s financial health and supporting the Executive Director in their role. At Marquee, our governance structure includes several key committees, each playing a vital role in our operations. These committees are:

Executive Committee

Plan, manage and support the work of the Board.

Financial Committee

Ensure consistency, transparency, completeness and accuracy of financial information and to provide guidance to the Board of Directors and Management in financial matters.

Governance Committee

Assist and facilitate the Board of Directors for Marquee Theatrical Productions in fulfilling its responsibilities through the development and implementation of policies, bylaws, procedures and best practices related but not limited to Board governance, planning, recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation.

Fundraising Committee

Strategizes and executes initiatives to secure financial support and cultivate donor relationships for the organization.

Maureen Casey - Treasurer




After a 30+ year career in Human Resources and Change Management, Maureen continues to find ways to be productive and give back to her community. Whether this is being Marquee’s Treasurer for the past 3 years, helping out backstage or finally making her stage debut in 2023. Maureen is also on the Aurora Food Pantry Board of Directors, belongs to local choirs, loves to workout and spend time with her family.

Maureen Casey - Treasurer



Martin Buote - Director


Vice President


Nick Cobbold is a experienced theatre technician that enjoys combining Theatre and Technology. for may years, Nick has been building sets for Marquee and has volunteered as Marquee’s internal IT technician. He served on the board back in 2012 and is excited to be back on the board to make a great contribution to York Regions best Theatre school.


Steven Fishman




Cheryl is thrilled to be a part of the Board of Directors for Marquee. She is a mother of 4 children who have gone through the many programs Marquee has to offer. She has many years of experience working in administration and the legal field. She volunteers at her children’s schools and throughout community sports. You won’t see her on the stage but you can definitely find her behind the scenes.

Steven Fishman




Tamara is a graduate of the Sheridan College Music Theatre program and a long time community theatre performer.  Her youngest son attended Marquee as a child and that’s how she became involved at Marquee initially. Now having performed in a number of Marquee’s adult cast productions, Tamara is thrilled to be serving in yet another capacity as a volunteer wearing the hat of one of Marquee’s board of directors.


Martin Buote - Director




Jennifer has been performing on stage since she was 10 years old. She has been with Marquee since 2005 in a variety of roles. She has performed in The Sound of Music (Maria, 2005, Baroness 2013), Oklahoma (Laurie), The Addams Family (Pit Singer) and The Little Mermaid (Mersister). She was also the music director in four adult shows and directed the adult production of The Wizard of Oz. Additionally Jennifer has taught vocals in various Marquee teen and elite youth group productions. She believes in and supports Marquee’s vision of fostering creativity and self-esteem in local youth. Currently Jennifer is an elementary school Vice Principal. Through her leadership work, she has cultivated an anti-oppressive lens and has done a lot of work around equity, diversity and inclusion. Jennifer is a fearless ally of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and she appreciates the safe space Marquee has created for children, teens and adults. Jennifer is very excited to be a board member and is looking forward working with an amazing team.



Steven Fishman




Natasha has been a dedicated Marquee member for over 8 years. As a professional with a strong background in communications, she has worked with teams to craft clear and engaging communications for not-for-profits, schools, health institutions, newspapers, magazines and businesses for over 20 years. She is committed to leveraging her communications expertise and firsthand knowledge to help Marquee continue to transform lives through the performing arts.
Steven Fishman




Rita is excited to be on the Marquee Board of Directors. Initially joining the Marquee community as a parent, she watched her daughter blossom through the Kinder and Junior programs before herself jumping onstage in Marquee’s recent adult production of The Little Mermaid. Rita has been involved in theatre since she was 9 and has a professional background in education, training and Human Resources. She is licensed to teach drama and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory program for improv and sketch comedy. Rita looks forward to elevating your experience at Marquee through various board initiatives.

Steven Fishman




Tanya has been involved with Marquee for nearly 10 years, both as a parent and a strong supporter who has referred many new members.  She brings a wealth of experience in counseling, advising, and teaching children and young adults. With a lifelong passion for theatre (a path she once almost pursued), Tanya is thrilled to contribute her talents as a Board Member.


Marquee Theatrical Productions is a charitable organization

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