About donations and child sponsorships

As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, Marquee relies on the generosity of supporters like you to help bridge the gap between administration and production expenses. Making a donation supports our youth, education and engagement programs that help enrich the life of the community overall.

We offer many ways to support your local theatre group: you can contribute to our scholarship program, community outreach activities and help support our operational costs. Every donation makes a difference and we are thrilled to share that we are able to issue tax receipts for the full amount of your financial donation to our organization.

Scholarship Program

There is perhaps no more powerful tool than theatre to reach children. It taps into the instict with which they are born, the instinct to explore by pretending – the instinct that, unfortunately, all too often is attacked by a world that pushes them to focus more on how they measure up than on who they truly are and can be.

With your donation you can help a child grow in the following ways:

  • Improves communication skills
  • Gives an opportunity to express oneself
  • Increases self confidence
  • Helps develop the ability to think critically
  • Encourages cooperation with others in achieving a joint goal
  • Helps develop moral and spiritual values
  • Helps develop sensitivity and understanding of the feelings of others
  • Fosters peer acceptance and self-worth

Community Engagement

Your donation allows Marquee to engage with our community.

Community Outreach Initiatives

We initiate an annual Holiday Card distrubution to local senior’s homes whereas our students create the cards through a colouring contest. your logo will be included on these cards.

All of our community engagement initiatives are promoted across our social media channels on a weekly basis.

We promote positive behaviours and hard work among our students by choosing our Marquee member of the week and “Camper of the Day” with small prizes for the youth who are involved in our programs.

We also do weekly contests resulting in monthly prizes to a winner. You may contribute to our contest prize pack with a product of your choice (min $20 value/pack – 28 prizes per year) or with a financial contribution to purchase the desired item.

Operational Expenses

Your donation will go towards helping Marquee with program expenses, such as helping to cover new and exciting workshops with guest artists. Helping with day to day expenses/consumables. Allowing us to create more programs and new spaces for children to gain more life skills, experience and education in the theatre arts.

* Donors can participate in extra activities through additional financial contributions
**Donor social media accounts must be following/connected to Marquee social accounts
***Any sponsor content reshared by Marquee must be Marquee audience friendly, and align with Marquee’s mission of teaching and promoting positive & valuable life skills

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Marquee Theatrical Productions is a charitable organization

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