7 Ways to stay Creative and Inspired at Home

Cassandra Morrison
March 30, 2022

I think we’ve all felt a lack of creative inspiration throughout the pandemic this past year. And sometimes in life, we’re going to be stuck in places where we find it hard to be inspired and motivated.

But in the end…the show must go on!

So, if you work from home or in a creative rut, this post is for you! I’ve listed out 7 tips that I like to use to help keep myself inspired when motivation is low and my creativity is nowhere to be seen.

*Disclaimer: All of the opinions presented in this post are not professional advice and are meant for inspirational and entertainment purposes only.*

Watch and learn

girl on phone

If you’re like me, you thrive off the energy of others and love collaborating with likeminded people. But working from home makes that pretty hard. So, something I like to do is to watch shows or documentaries about creators with similar interests. I find seeing other people’s work can help give me ideas and pulls me out of my own head for a while. If you’re looking for something to watch to get some creative inspiration – there’s a great documentary on Netflix called Abstract. It’s about some top creative designers from all around the world and you’re bound to learn something new!

But while it’s easy to get inspiration this way, it’s just as easy to get stuck in comparing ourselves and our productivity – and that definitely doesn’t help! If you’d like some inspiration on how to let go of comparison, you can check out our post all about it right here!

Connect with Nature

hand holding a tree branch

I think it’s important when we’re trying to stay creative to get out and spend time in nature. It’s actually been proven that being in nature for even just 2 hours a week is linked to good health, and I definitely find when I’m healthy, mentally and physically, my creativity comes easier. I think reconnecting with our natural element can help not only calm your mind and allow you to take a break from pounding your head against the wall in hopes some inspiration will fall out, but it can also help give you fresh ideas. You might be inspired by the sounds, the smells, the trees and the liveliness of the natural world. Sometimes that’s just the creative boost you need when you’re stuck at home all day.

Switch up your space

flat lay of person on computer notebook coffee glasses plant marble table

Even though we can escape out into nature sometimes, we are still spending a lot more time indoors these days. And I don’t know about you, but I find sitting inside staring at the same walls all day is draining. So a great tip I like to use is to find some way of switching up my space. You could add in some plants, paint the wall, get some art, switch rooms, change around your furniture or even just sit facing a different wall for the day. Sometimes switching up the feel and look of your environment can make all the difference in making you feel refreshed and inspired.

Start a Virtual Creative Group

man on zoom call

If you have a group of fellow creatives — perhaps some good friends from Marquee— set up some sort of virtual, creative group! You could make it an improv club, a musical group, writing club, book club, painting group – whatever your passion is! Meet regularly and hold each other accountable for blocking out some time in your day to practice your creative interests. It can help when you have outside motivation and when you all commit showing up, supporting and encouraging one another. It can be a place to laugh, connect, brainstorm, share your work and just get excited about creating.

Try something new

mom and daughter mixing bowls baking

Sometimes when we’re passionate about something, we get stuck in the habit of creating the same kind of work. But sometimes, I think it’s good to switch it up! Especially if we’re stumped in our regular creative routine, trying to channel that creativity into a different skill could help spark some fresh inspiration. If you’re a dancer, try your hand at painting. Singer? Pull out the baking powder and muffin tins. You never know what can happen when you put yourself out there and try something new.

Journal with some writing prompts

woman writing in journal by fire

Sometimes dumping your brain is the best way to keep your creativity flowing. I find it helps me work through mental blocks and allows me to practice turning ideas into reality. It’s also a great way of finding those hidden, creative gems that you know are buried in your mind somewhere! You can journal about your day, write stream of consciousness, write poems about the first blue thing you see -anything! You could even try taking on a 30 day journaling challenge. Try checking out Pinterest for tons of journaling prompts and writing inspiration.

Give yourself Space

girl laying on couch with hat over face

Sometimes inspiration just isn’t there. And that’s okay! Sometimes the best thing you can do is give yourself some space and try not to force it. Let yourself be available if the bolt of creativity strikes, but give yourself a break from desperately flailing around the lightning rod. Spend some virtual time with your family, order in, watch a movie and just enjoy the quietness of life a little. You might find it actually helps you become more creative later on when you’ve taken time to rest.

Trying to find what works best to spark your creativity is a process of trial and error. Everybody’s brains and creative minds work differently, so these tips might not work for you – and that’s okay! If you have any tips of your own that help you stay inspired at home, share them with us in the comments!

And finally, my last tip for navigating any process or challenge in life: 

Be kind to yourself.