The Benefits of Music and Dance

Sarah McMillan
September 1, 2021
man and woman dancing benefits of music and dance

People of all ages can reap the incredible benefits that come from music and dance. Here are a few examples of just how valuable the arts can be!

*Disclaimer: All of the opinions and content presented in this post are not professional advice and are true to the best of the author’s knowledge. This post is meant for inspirational and entertainment purposes only.*

Social skills

Since music and dance often require group participation, it can be a great way to put yourself out there and gain new social skills while making new friends!

Express emotions

Music and dance are both such expressive art forms. Whether you’re singing, dancing, playing an instrument or listening to your favourite song, it can be important to release and express your emotions through your body instead of bottling them up inside. This can help to reduce stress and even decrease symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Learn about other cultures

There are countless styles of music and dance and they come from different places all over the world! From the expressions of Indigenous spirituality, history and culture in Powwow dances, to Japan’s theatrical dance art form of Kabuki, there is so much to learn about each unique styles of dance and music and their importance to their respective cultures.

Creativity and imagination

The freedom in which you can express yourself through these two art forms creates a whole world of possibilities! Music and dance are both amazing ways to encourage you to let go and let your imagination soar.

Improves cardiovascular health

All styles of dance can make for a fantastic cardio workout! No matter what age you are, what level you’re at, or what style of dance interests you most, you will be challenged to push yourself physically.

Improves balance and strength

Incorporating all kinds of lateral and rotational movements that condition all muscle groups, dance can also help to improve your balance and strength!

Boosts cognitive performance

Research has proven that dance can enhance your ability to think! The areas of the brain that control memory and skills can improve with dance and exercise.

Challenges your brain

Both music and dance can be very challenging, in the best ways! Whether you’re learning to tap dance or studying music theory, you’re working your brain in new ways that are great mental exercises.

It’s never too late to start dancing or learning music. We encourage everyone to give it a shot!

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