What I learned From Marquee | Alexa Dimoulas

Cassandra Morrison
October 27, 2021
what I learned from Marquee Alexa Dimoulas

Hi there! My name is Alexa Dimoulas, and I am currently a student at Windsor University enrolled in the BFA acting program. Musical Theatre has always been a massive passion of mine, and I am currently studying to head into the industry, which I am beyond ecstatic about. I studied at Marquee Theatrical Productions for seven years which guided me to where I am today! On my journey to becoming the performer and artist I currently am, I was able to gain a ton of knowledge and experience both about the craft and about myself through my experience at Marquee.

Alexa Dimoulas on stage laying on beach towels

While studying at Marquee Theatrical Productions, I was able to have a consistent outlet for my creativity and expression. I found and harnessed my passion for musical theatre and felt I was able to explore the endless possibilities that the performing arts can offer! I was also able to develop as an artist and constantly elevate my artistic skill set while becoming a more confident performer. I found performing offered me the ability to not only become a more confident individual on the stage but also in my daily life. While studying with Marquee, I performed in several productions such as Chicago, Les Miserables, Mama Mia, and many more. Having the opportunity to perform in such a wide range of productions really helped me heighten my range and expand my horizons. While studying at Marquee Theatrical productions, I felt I was able to grow into the performer I always dreamed of becoming.

Alexa Dimoulas on stage with cast Mamma Mia

A big part of why I am on the route to pursuing my dream career is because of all the fantastic staff and students I have met during my time at Marquee. Having the opportunity to work with different directors, choreographers, and vocal instructors allowed me to grow immensely as an artist and have tons of support along the way. Building relationships with those in my cast has also attested to this. One of the most prominent cast experiences I remember was when I was a part of the Mamma Mia cast in 2019. I felt we were all one big family, and performing with such a wonderful and talented cast encouraged me to push myself further when it came to being the best performer possible. I will forever be grateful for those I have met in my time at Marquee.

Alexa Dimoulas backstage with cast

I have only become more passionate about musical theatre throughout all the productions I have been a part of while studying at Marquee Theatrical Productions. Studying from such a young age allowed me to continuously have an outlet to grow and be an expressive artist. My experience at Marquee Theatrical Productions is a massive part of why I have chosen the path I have today! I am studying at my dream school for my dream career, and I could not be happier! Having the opportunity to experience theatre the way that I did was such a huge factor in my decision to pursue my career in the arts. I am so glad that aspiring artists have the opportunity to experience theatre in such an inspiring way at Marquee Theatrical Productions. 

Alexa Dimoulas on stage with cast