Second City’s Julianne Bisnaire | Marquee Member Feature

Cassandra Morrison
November 17, 2021
featuring Julianne Bisnaire

This weeks member feature, Julianne Bisnaire shares her story being involved in Marquee and going on to Second City, Toronto.

What has been your experience with Marquee?

I was four years old when I started at Marquee. I have done everything from summer camps to their adult productions. My favourite show with Marquee was when I got to play Annie in Annie, they even had a real dog playing Sandy which was very exciting!

Marquee is so special to me because they made high quality theatre accessible for a small town girl like me. I have friends that I am still in contact with to this day! Marquee holds so many fond memories for me! 

Marquee prepared me for my start in professional theatre. I auditioned for Mirvish’s “The Sound of Music” in 2008 and landed the role of Brigitta for an 11 month run in Toronto.

Julianne Bisnaire sound of music kids standing in line on stage

Where are you now?

Currently, I am enrolled with Toronto’s Second City Conservatory. I was finishing up my last term before the pandemic hit. I hope to go back and perform our final show when live theatres have the green light to open again.

How did your time at Marquee help you get there?

Marquee has had a major impact on my performance skills, not only giving me the foundations in acting, singing and dance but also teaching me about professionalism and proper theatre etiquette.

julianne bisnaire cast on stage standing in line wearing black

What are some things you’re hoping to accomplish in your career?

I hope to be able to do more improv and comedic acting professionally. My end goal dream would be to star in a sit-com. I always watch shows like The Office and think “Wow! I want to do that!”

What’s the biggest thing that you have learned this far working in your field?

The biggest thing I have learned so far working in this field is that working hard does pay off. This is something that Marquee instilled in me at a very young age. If you show up prepared, willing to try new things and have a good attitude, it will only benefit you.

What advice do you have for others who are hoping to follow a similar path?

Be kind to yourself and others. This industry is really tough and you have to be patient. You also never know who is going to end up where. That casting assistant who signed you into the audition may one day be the head casting agent. Always, always be kind and professional.

julianne bisnaire cast on stage sitting dresses

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