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Behind the Scenes with Trevor Coll

We took full advantage of a pause in Trevor’s busy schedule to connect and reminisce over some of his favourite Marquee memories, the key life skills he’s learned along the way and what advice he may have for families who are considering theatre arts for their...


Hendrix Stanfield A big part of why we do what we do at Marquee is to witness students like Hendrix Stanfield, who embrace the lessons and really come out of their shell with each performance. Watching Hendrix’s development over the last four years in Aladdin Jr., Elf...

Important Musicals to See with Your Kids

If you have kids that love musical theatre or you’re interested in getting them into musical theatre, here are some shows that they will absolutely love – and that also happen to have incredibly valuable messages to spark discussions with your children! Shrek the...

6 Tips on How to Work as a Team

6 Tips on How to Work as a Team

Being a part of a show is a group effort. There is no single role that is more important than the other, and the way you work as a team can make or break the experience for everyone - including the audience. But teamwork doesn't come without its difficulties. When you...

12 Musical Movies to Watch for your Next Movie Night

12 Musical Movies to Watch for your Next Movie Night

If you struggle as much as I do sometimes to think of a good movie to watch, don't worry. Because today, we've compiled a great list of some musical movies from all genres to help you out! Whether you want something more family friendly, nostalgic or dramatic, we've...

We Need Arts in Education. Here’s Why.

We Need Arts in Education. Here’s Why.

Some may think that music, drama and visual arts are unnecessary subjects in school. That they are less important than others, or that creative classes hinder focus and ability to do real, measurable schoolwork. But as it turns out...that's far from the truth! Here's...


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